General Election 2017

Lana Hylands is standing as the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate in Esher and Walton constituency.


As your MP, Lana will:

1 – Protect our valued local healthcare services which are under threat, and support Labour’s plans to invest in social care and mental health services.

2 – Improve local school facilities and work with Labour to provide funded education for early years children and adults in formal tuition.

3 – Prioritise local infrastructure to back development, supported by a National Investment Bank.

4 – Increase access to affordable home ownership and help to introduce rent controls which end insecurity for private renters.

5 – Defend the rights of our residents in Brexit negotiations.

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“I’m Lana Hylands. I am standing for Labour in the area I have lived in my all my life, because I want to see education transformed and the NHS restored. I want to support investment in local infrastructure, ensure housing is built which young locals can afford, and defend our residents’ rights in Brexit negotiations.

I study law with the Open University, and believe in the importance of putting the community voice and its diversity at the heart of policy development. I volunteer with a London charity and work locally with a childcare agency, so I care about defending our community’s best interests and ensuring that our residents get a fair deal from government.


The Conservatives have held constituencies such as ours because they promised us a strong economy; yet, the national debt has increased by 53%. They set deficit targets in 2010 which they didn’t meet, and in 2015 which they abandoned. The Labour Party’s economic plan was designed with world leading economists; and rather than making short-sighted cutbacks which have hugely detrimental long-term outcomes on the economy, we will invest in industry, welfare and public services for the sustainable growth of the country.

As a local, I have seen the impact that Conservative austerity has had on Esher and Walton, most recently, 15 of our 18 family planning clinics in Surrey were closed. Fire stations and libraries are closing and forced to run on volunteers. There are rarely local police on our streets anymore. I am appalled by the in homelessness, child poverty, and foodbank use -which has gone up locally due to changes to benefits, and real terms pay being lower than it was in 2010 whilst the cost of living has increased. Rail fares are up 27% since 2010, and Dominic Raab failed to represent the many commuters in our constituency by voting against slowing rail fare rises.


The Government has also cut school funding by £2.8 billion since 2015. Between now and 2022, it wants to cut £8.9 billion more. By 2020, 96% of schools across Esher and Walton will suffer over £4 million in funding cuts, on top of cuts faced from 2010 to 2015. The average budget cut to schools in Esher and Walton is almost £150,000; the average loss per pupil is £270, and these cuts are expected to result in 97 teachers being made redundant.

On top of this, the South East and London have seen the steepest falls in earnings of any region under the Conservatives. But Labour will address this. In our region, 624000 people would be better off with Labour’s £10 an hour living wage.



I believe that everyone deserves a fair start in life, as well as support in their senior years. I am standing with the Labour Party to create an inclusive National Education Service, and a National Care Service. We will invest £45billion in the NHS and social care, halt hospital closures and improve mental health services. We will protect Triple Lock Pensions- benefitting 1.7 pensioners in the South East. The Labour Party will protect Winter Fuel Allowances, which will be taken away from 19,180 residents in Esher and Walton under the Conservative’s plans.


Those on the housing register in Esher and Walton are likely never to receive social housing. There is not enough housing locally, and recent development proposals have failed to address the need to invest in the supporting infrastructure, such as roads and NHS services. I support Labour’s plans to build affordable housing so that fewer people are forced to leave the area, and I believe we should be prioritising development on brownfield sites over greenbelt land.

I am opposed to the Heathrow expansion which would result in thousands of people losing their homes. I also feel it is shocking that no refugee families have been housed in our largely affluent area, and I will stand with Labour to welcome refugees.




Labour will introduce a new Clean Air Act and keep our forests in public hands. We ended hare, fox and deer hunting, and we will now cease the badger cull to help safeguard Esher and Walton’s biodiversity. I will advocate for the protection of Esher and Walton’s wildlife and environment, and for the least disturbance to habitats during M25 developments.

Those are some of the ways in which I will stand with Labour to stick up for the many, not just the few, in Esher and Walton.”

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