#VoteLabour: Rosemary Rendall – The Dittons

Read Surrey Labour’s 2017 County Council Election Manifesto here

Rosie Rendall

I have lived in the area for 14 years and have worked in the charity sector for the past 20 years. I care passionately about protecting our residents, local services and the surroundings – my particular areas of concern are:

  • We need to invest more in education – as more people move into the area there is a greater need for more local school places with easy access to all families.
  • The level of poverty in some parts of our county is shameful – more help is needed to support these families.
  • Roads in Surrey are a disgrace and are a danger to drivers and cyclists and the pavements are a grave danger to pedestrians with the added hazard of street lights being turned off at night.
  • Many fire stations are under threat of being closed – in our highly populated area it is essential that we save these vital fire stations.
  • The need for improved public transport especially vital local buses which have been cut. We also need to extend the area covered by the Oyster card zone 6.
  • The need to protect our Green Belt from being built on so that we leave a legacy to future generations.

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