Statement regarding accusations of illegal candidacy in Walton North

We have been informed by residents today that Conservative canvassers are telling residents that Lana Hylands is an illegal candidate for Walton North due to living in Cobham. This is categorically untrue.

  1. The electoral commission clearly states that candidates must be “registered as a local government elector for the local authority area in which you wish to stand from the day of your nomination onwards” – this refers to borough, NOT ward.
  2. In order to be approved, candidates’ agents must meet in person with a representative at the Elmbridge Borough Council offices in Esher to go through extensive paperwork. Lana would not have been approved if she was unqualified to stand.
  3. The Conservatives themselves have six candidates standing in wards in which they do not live in Elmbridge (see ‘Statement of persons nominated’):

Cons HW & WGCons Molesey EastCons Molesey WestCons OatlandsCons Thames DittonCons Weybridge Riverside

This is blatant undemocratic slander, and all the more reason to vote for a fair and honest Labour candidate on May 3rd. Make sure you’re registered to vote by April 17th.


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