Protect our public services

The NHS is under threat in the local area following the closure of the Blanche Heriot unit at St Peter’s Hospital and the failure to fully rebuild Weybridge Walk In Centre. Meanwhile, Conservative cuts put residents at risk as Surrey is left with just four fully functional police stations, and Esher Fire Station faces imminent closure.

Tory-led Surrey County Council aims to save a massive total of £104m in 2018, and top of their list is the adult social care budget – a predicted £25.9m of stinging cuts for the elderly and disabled to cope with, while the Children, Schools and Families budget takes a possible £22.1m hit. Surrey County Council Fire Authority made a cut of £10m to Surrey’s Fire Service last June and they plan to save an extra £3.58m this year. While local burglaries go unsolved, our nearest police desk in Esher operates office hours only and is closed at weekends. Street lights have been turned off at night and make us all feel less safe.

With currently just one Labour spokesperson on Surrey County Council, your support in the upcoming local elections is vital. A Labour voice is desperately needed on Elmbridge Borough Council to speak up for our public services. Public safety must be a priority.

Register to vote (and, if required, apply for a postal vote) by April 17th to ensure that you have a voice on who makes decisions for Elmbridge on May 3rd.



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