Your Local Labour Party 101

We were discussing how to be more inclusive with our 700+ members locally, so we thought we’d do a quick introduction to Labour Party politics.

The Labour Party Structure

The Labour Party is traditionally a grass roots (bottom up) movement, so starting from the top and working our way down to us, we have:

The PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party)

The Parliamentary Labour Party – Love them or hate them, these are the duly elected members of Parliament, that represent their constituencies in Westminster.
These MPs are selected by and represent their CLPs.

The CLP (Constituency Labour Party)

The Constituency Labour Party – As members of the Labour Party, we automatically become members of our local CLP. Our CLP is made up of local branches.
For example, the Esher and Walton Constituency Labour Party is comprised of the following branches:

The EWCLP Executive Officers and other post holders can be found on our About Us page. If you would like to contribute then please Contact Us or get involved in the conversation online. There is plenty of opportunity for us all to Work Together for Real Change both locally and nationally and every little helps.

and from the Contact Us menu above.


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