Happy birthday, NHS!


Last week, the nation celebrated the 70th birthday of the NHS, Britain’s greatest and most precious socialist achievement.

On Saturday, our NHS birthday cake sale raised £195.87 for the Pain Clinic at St Peter’s Hospital, and the week before we attended the demonstration against cuts to the NHS in London. There are many people who owe their lives to the NHS, and we must all do what we can to defend it.


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Statement regarding accusations of illegal candidacy in Walton North

We have been informed by residents today that Conservative canvassers are telling residents that Lana Hylands is an illegal candidate for Walton North due to living in Cobham. This is categorically untrue.

  1. The electoral commission clearly states that candidates must be “registered as a local government elector for the local authority area in which you wish to stand from the day of your nomination onwards” – this refers to borough, NOT ward.
  2. In order to be approved, candidates’ agents must meet in person with a representative at the Elmbridge Borough Council offices in Esher to go through extensive paperwork. Lana would not have been approved if she was unqualified to stand.
  3. The Conservatives themselves have six candidates standing in wards in which they do not live in Elmbridge (see ‘Statement of persons nominated’):

Cons HW & WGCons Molesey EastCons Molesey WestCons OatlandsCons Thames DittonCons Weybridge Riverside

This is blatant undemocratic slander, and all the more reason to vote for a fair and honest Labour candidate on May 3rd. Make sure you’re registered to vote by April 17th.

Your Labour candidates for the 2018 Elmbridge Borough Council elections

  • Claygate: Vera-Anne Anderson
  • Cobham and Downside: Irene Threlkeld
  • Esher: Susan Dennis
  • Hersham: Julie Crook
  • Hinchley Wood and Weston Green: Jacqueline Andrews
  • Long Ditton: Bronte Schiltz
  • Molesey East: Rosie Rendall
  • Molesey West: Marc Doran
  • Oatlands and Burwood Park: Warren Weertman
  • Oxshott and Stoke d’Abernon: Hugh Bryant
  • Thames Ditton: Benjamin Griffin
  • Walton Central: Peter Ramsbottom
  • Walton North: Lana Hylands
  • Walton South: Katrina Jepson
  • Weybridge Riverside: Stephanie Franklin
  • Weybridge St George’s Hill: Angus Rendall

We only narrowly missed out on electing a Labour councillor to Elmbridge Borough Council last time. Register to vote (and, if required, apply for a postal vote) now so that we can ensure we don’t miss out again this year.

Protect our public services

The NHS is under threat in the local area following the closure of the Blanche Heriot unit at St Peter’s Hospital and the failure to fully rebuild Weybridge Walk In Centre. Meanwhile, Conservative cuts put residents at risk as Surrey is left with just four fully functional police stations, and Esher Fire Station faces imminent closure.

Tory-led Surrey County Council aims to save a massive total of £104m in 2018, and top of their list is the adult social care budget – a predicted £25.9m of stinging cuts for the elderly and disabled to cope with, while the Children, Schools and Families budget takes a possible £22.1m hit. Surrey County Council Fire Authority made a cut of £10m to Surrey’s Fire Service last June and they plan to save an extra £3.58m this year. While local burglaries go unsolved, our nearest police desk in Esher operates office hours only and is closed at weekends. Street lights have been turned off at night and make us all feel less safe.

With currently just one Labour spokesperson on Surrey County Council, your support in the upcoming local elections is vital. A Labour voice is desperately needed on Elmbridge Borough Council to speak up for our public services. Public safety must be a priority.

Register to vote (and, if required, apply for a postal vote) by April 17th to ensure that you have a voice on who makes decisions for Elmbridge on May 3rd.


Campaigning outside County Hall

Yesterday, Esher and Walton CLP members joined Unison Surrey, Save Our Services in Surrey and Labour Councillor, Robert Evans in Kingston.

We were there celebrating 69 years of our National Health Service, and campaigning to end cuts to vital health services in Surrey, and nationally.IMG-20170714-WA0005

Canvassing with Lana Hylands in Esher and Walton

Walton and Hersham Branch joined forces with the Election team from Cobham yesterday (20th May) to canvas the Rodney Road area of Walton.  Lana Hylands, our Parliamentary Candidate for Esher and Walton, plus her dedicated agent Irene Threlkeld, led the way as we knocked on doors to introduce ourselves to supporters (some), non-supporters (one or two), and floating voters (a few).


Despite obviously disturbing some Sunday morning lie-ins (it was midday by this time) we were generally well received and all agreed it was worth doing to be seen to be active locally.  Plus it was good fun and something we would like to do more of in North Walton during the run-up to next year’s local Council elections when we stand an excellent chance of getting a much needed Labour representative elected for the first time in many years.

Canvassing with our Esher and Walton Parliamentary Candidate – Lana Hylands

More information on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/183343475524238/

Meeting place for canvassing with our Esher and Walton Parliamentary Candidate Lana Hylands and her team tomorrow, Sunday 21st May, outside Walton Station at 11 a.m.

We will be going on to St Johns/Sidney Road/Ambleside area. Please come along and help if you can. Nice pub opposite Walton Station (Ashley Park Hotel) for refreshments after and lots of coffee shops in central Walton too.

Esher and Walton Hustings Meeting

There will be a brief introduction, followed by 5 minutes’ initial presentation (to cover the main issues facing us in this election and what policy initiatives you are proposing) from each candidate, speaking order to be drawn by lot.

50 minutes of questions from the audience – questions to be submitted on cards available on arrival – with a 15-minute overrun period.

Please come along to these hustings and support Lana!



More Information on Facebook:

Wednesday 31 May at 19:30

East Molesey Methodist Church
Manor Road, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9JU


Thames Ditton

More Information on Facebook:

Thursday 1 June at 19:30

Our  Lady of Lourdes Church Hampton Court Way KT7 0LP



More Information on Facebook:

Monday 5 June 19:00

St Christopers’s Claygate Lane Hinchley Wood, Esher, KT0 0AQ


You don’t need a ticket or to book it.

How can you help in Esher & Walton’s GE campaign?

The most important thing you can give is…

Your time:

  • Leafleting your local community to spread the Labour Party message.
  • Canvassing your street to show residents that the Labour Party is alive and kicking in Esher & Walton.
  • Talking with friends and letting them know why you’re going to Vote Labour on 8th June.

Donations: any amount you can donate will be graciously received by our CLP and used towards our important General Election campaign.

The Labour Party has set up a website, to make it easier for you to give a donation driectly to Esher and Walton. Thank You: https://donate.labour.org.uk/esher_and_walton

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