Campaigning outside County Hall

Yesterday, Esher and Walton CLP members joined Unison Surrey, Save Our Services in Surrey and Labour Councillor, Robert Evans in Kingston. We were there celebrating 69 years of our National Health Service, and campaigning to end cuts to vital health services in Surrey, and nationally.


Canvassing with Lana Hylands in Esher and Walton

Lana Hylands, our Parliamentary Candidate for Esher and Walton, plus her dedicated agent Irene Threlkeld, led the way as we knocked on doors to introduce ourselves to supporters (some), non-supporters (one or two), and floating voters (a few).

Canvassing with our Esher and Walton Parliamentary Candidate – Lana Hylands

Please come along and help if you can.

Esher and Walton Hustings Meeting


How can you help in Esher&Walton’s GE campaign?

Become part of Europe's largest political party @UKLabour and help make June #TheEndOfMay.

Only Labour can be trusted to care

Meet your local Esher and Walton Labour Party Candidates.

Robert Evans Response to Surrey’s Proposed 15% Council Tax Rise

A Conservative Government cutting the budget of a solidly Conservative Council suggests to me that Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer and a Surrey MP, either has no faith in his own council, or they are playing games of some sort – at residents’ expense.

Do you want a 15% Council Tax Increase?

Walton and Hersham Labour Party

by Jackie Andrews

Are we ready for this? Because we have no choice but to stand and actively oppose those on low incomes being hit hard by a possible 15% increase in Council Tax in Walton and Esher and beyond. The  fight that Surrey County Council have just initiated by announcing a referendum in May on whether we  pay it or not is one that reportedly could be duplicated right across the country if local authorities copy Surrey in a rush to make up shortfalls in their vastly reduced grants from central government. Any proposed council tax increase over 3.9% has to be put to a referendum. If we vote no to paying the increase SCC will make even more cutbacks in order to pay social care for children, adults and those with learning disabilities.

Tory SCC leader David Hodge said on Channel 4 news last week that he won’t…

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Thank you @EWLabourParty – We #CareForTheNHS

On behalf of all the officers of the EWCLP, thank you to everyone who took part in today's National NHS Campaign Day.

Jeremy Corbyn: Glasgow Speech

"We are committed to the redistribution of power and wealth in a way that no other party will ever even think of let alone achieve." - Jeremy Corbyn